About Us
No 12 Fine wines and Provisions are suppliers of gourmet food, fine wines and liquor to yachts across the Mediterranean . Here is a little bit about the origins of No. 12

Who are No 12 Fine Wines and Provisions?

No. 12 Fine wines and Provisions is a brand created by the Salvo Grima group , a family run business located in Malta, to supply luxury wines, spirits and cigars to yachts across the Mediterranean. In 2019, the company expanded to include food and interior to their supplier list. 

The company has kept focus on four main pillars  

Provenance: To ascertain the best quality of both food and wine, we ensure the right provenance and storage of each product.
Partners: We are only as strong as our weakest link and it is therefore integral to only choose the very best partners in business to ensure top service and quality.

remium Personal Service: Our strong 'can do' attitude ingrained in our company culture and our passion for food, wine and quality is what separates us from our competitors.   
Peace of Mind – to ensure that you, our clients, are guaranteed the best possible Wines, spirits, foods and service

Why did we choose to call the company No. 12  ?

No. 12 is the address of the warehouse where Mr. Salvo Grima himself first opened his chandlery business in 1860. This warehouse is located just opposite the Grand Harbour Marina in Malta and has recently been renovated to a temperature controlled wine store where we host some of our finest wines readily available for immediate shipment.  The warehouse is also regularly used to host wines tastings, WSET courses and private events for our super-yacht clientele. 

Where are we located?

The No 12 Fine Wines and Provisions head office is based in Valletta, Malta, however the company has a fully fledged operational office in Palma de Mallorca allowing for faster supplies in the Balearic islands including Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca as well as a site office in Barcelona.  

Through our network of partners, we also have temperature controlled warehouses in Malta, Palma de Mallorca, Genoa, London, Switzerland and Hamburg, providing our clients with the needed flexibility and strength to supply yachts from any of the warehouses when needed. 

Why us?

  • No12 Fine Wines and Provisions have learned from the experience of shareholders  Salvo Grima & Sons ltd who have over 150 years of experience in supplying ocean-going vessels, and over 10 years’ experience in running a dedicated yacht chandlery in Malta.
  • No12 Fine Wines and Provisions have a fully integrated supply chain that includes a vast stock of over 4,000 wines and spirits readily available through our partners,  as well as stock in our own cellars at No. 12 in  Malta, Palma De Mallorca & Barcelona
  • Our supply chain guarantees provenance and optimal storage conditions of All our products
  • Industrial size fridges, freezers and warehousing equipment in both Mallorca and Malta ensure our products are handled at the right temperature and in sanitary conditions at all times and according to HAACP regulations
  • We have logistics partners strategically placed across the Mediterranean to ensure a fast and efficient delivery of wines and spirits
  • Due to our strategic supplier agreements and partnerships we ensure competitive prices and a vast selection of your favourite wines from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, USA, Argentina, Chile, Australia, Portugal  and other lesser known countries. 
  • Our suppliers are not simply strategic business partners, but have become friends who are passionate abut their products and produce
Above all we pride ourselves on our 'Can do' attitude, whereby we do our utmost to help our client get the product they need in the right place, at the right time ....and at the right price