Chateau Pavie
The slopes of Chateau Pavie and Ausone were first planted by the ancient Romans in the fourth century. However, Chateau Pavie did not become famous as a Bordeaux wine producer until almost two thousand years later. Chateau Pavie was definitely famous by the mid 19th century. At the time, the Robert Parker of the day was the Bordeaux bible published by Cocks and Féret’s “Bordeaux et ses vins” written in 1850, the first edition was already high on the wines from Pavie as they named it one of the First classed growths in St. Emilion.
In 1998, Gerard Perse, who already owned Chateau Monbousquet purchased Chateau Pavie. The 42 hectare St. Emilion vineyard of Chateau Pavie is truly three unique and different terroirs. Each also has its own microclimates. There exists serious layers of limestone, deep clay deposits of clay and at the lower portion of the vineyards, you find sand, clay and gravel. The terroir of Pavie does not promote early-ripening. In fact, Chateau Pavie is often one of the last St. Emilion estates to finish harvesting.  

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