Easter Wine
Why should I open one of the very best bold reds this Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday Decisions
written by Andrew Azzopardi

Have you been storing a ‘special one’ for a couple of years and you know it’s the right time to pop the cork?
Have you recently purchased an already aged Californian Cab, or perhaps you remembered that Super Tuscan gathering dust in your cellar?

I’ve decided it’s the right time to open my biggest and most opulent bottle this Easter.

I just cannot find any reason not to open one of my very best from the cellar. Firstly, the food pairing is a winner - Easter simply isn’t Easter without Lamb at the table, and this is one of the most pungent and rich meats on offer that can always handle the biggest tannins and boldest wines .  

Unlike Christmas, Easter seems to pop round unexpectedly with no build-up or excitement. It’s a celebration  that you’ve been eagerly awaiting for the past 40 days of fasting (cough, cough), so you’re fresh and ready to indulge. Only last Christmas I remember being sat down at table half drunk, already feeling like a stuffed and ready-marinated prime cut of beef. It was not exactly the right time to enjoy the best of grape goodness, so I stuck to that awful supermarket pinot noir which was picked out by ....but I digress, so let’s stick to the topic at hand.

Another great thing about Easter is that it’s still the perfect excuse for a celebration – a religious celebration if you will, further contributing to the argument in getting your mother-in-law’s approval to opening the expensive celebration bottle. More so, without her having to mention your terrible monetary priorities and ‘ridiculous hobby in buying expensive wines’.

Last but not least, Easter lunches are invariably a much smaller, quieter and more sober version of other yearly celebrations like Christmas or New year, so that means more wine for me. Oh and if you’re considering your birthday as one of those yearly celebrations, it’s not really a celebration once you reach a certain age, is it?... Though, still a good reason to drink, but that’s for another time.

In conclusion,  the food pairing works, the celebration box is ticked, the wine is ready to drink and the mother-in-law is happy.

 I’m off to decant my biggest and boldest wine immediately.