Elemental Overload
A Masterclass organised by the industry for the industry! SEA TIPS aspiring to reach new levels of creativity & service for the Super Yacht industry though the creation of the 'Elemental Overload' masterclass held at the Monaco Yacht Show 2016
Elemental Overload - A Masterclass held by SEA TIPS


High Net Worth Individuals not only expect perfect service and the finest food, but also want an element of surprise and uniqueness. Super-yacht interior crew are under the constant pressure to out-perform themselves every day. 

Interior crew are expected to be at the same level of service as 5 star hotels.The food is constantly judged and compared to Michelin-star restaurants, and the total experience must outshine all other previous experiences.  

This ultimately means that the super yacht industry is constantly striving to reach new heights. The level of the experience today already outshines the level yesterday, and the level tomorrow will outshine today.

SEA TIPS is a collaboration between Super yacht industry professionals who keep pushing the level of the superyacht dining experience to reach new heights. Together they create a dining experience extravaganza to inspire and develop super yacht interior crew.

SEA TIPS consists of :

Interior Yacht Services (IYS) –  Peter Vogel was the orchestrated the service experience. Having years of experience managing yachts such as MY Octopus & MY Lady Moura, Peter’s perfectionist attitude plays an integral role to preforming to such fine detail.

Harlequin London – Jamie Horton and his team go wild with their table creativity. Wowing the guests with €50,000 silver falcons, ST Louis Crystal and magic mushroom-inspired table centre-pieces.

No12 WinesAndrew Azzopardi, General Manager and wine Sommelier chose some of the most amazing wine pairings to accompany the complex array of food prepared. His passion for wines shines through and is intrinsic to elevating the whole experience.

Galley-Tek – Angelique Lenton is a creative genius. She cooks with gusto and brings multi-dimensional flavours to the plate. Her plating is beautiful and her flavours sublime.

Neko Yacht Supply – Joost Van Gorsel and his team supply SEA Tips with the freshest and finest produce around.

The Masterclass was held at La Rascasse in Monaco during the Monaco Super yacht show 20156 ad hosted 45 guests including Captains, super yacht crew, chief Stewards/esses, Pursers, management company owners, yacht marina owners and charter brokers.

The culinary experience included:


Carpaccio of Beef with a truffle and balsamic reduction

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé NV

The Laurent Perrier’s extraordinary refreshing fruit character paired beautifully with the umami flavours of the dish. The palate-cleansing properties of Champagne (the bubbles) left the guests palate fresh and ready for the next course.



Pan seared Scallops with lemon

Sauvignon Blanc, Duckhorn Vineyards 2014, Napa Valley

 This amazingly rich Sauvignon Blanc complimented the delicate lemon flavours of the scallop without overpowering the dish. This Sauvignon Blanc spends some time on oak, so the lemon meringue flavours, pinapple where rather creamy and mouth-coating. The tartness of the lemon and citrus cut through the fattiness of rich scallops keeping the whole experience light, yet complex.


 Main Course

 Falcon-Caught Wild Duck with orange flambé

 Brunello di Montalcino ‘Ripe al Convento’ Riserva, Frescobaldi 2009

 Since the dish was so powerful on flavours and spices, we needed a bold and beautiful wine with amazing structure to stand up to the earthiness of the wild game and orange sauces. This Brunello has great blackberry fruit, chocolate, spice, toast and complex flavours. The structure and acidity of the wine was a perfect combination to cut through the fattiness of the duck. The 2009 was great vintage



 Caramelised Italian white peaches, pavlova and coconut dust

 Château Dauphiné-Rondillon, Loupiac, 1990

 White peaches and meringue are a perfect combination with Sauternes. A lovely mature vintage from Loupiac (close to Sauternes). Typical flavours are White peaches, cream, vanilla, marmalade and honey. I honestly cannot imagine a better pairing –sublime.


Special Thanks to ACREW for bringing SEA TIPS together and allowing us to use their location.