A tutorial on choosing three glasses for your guests - The Masterclass
Short on space? Only have the budget to get three glasses? Choose wisely
As part of our participation in the Palma Super Yacht Show with Acrew, we were asked to hold a wine & glass tasting Masterclass focusing on the practicality issues  when purchasing glassware for super yachts.

  • How many glasses do you need to serve an array fine wines and Champagnes? 
  • Can we use cut crystal glasses? doesn't the cut crystal interfere when assessing the colour of the wines?  
  • Most sommelier glasses are more functional then beautiful - Is there a happy medium?
  • Would I need different glasses for young and mature wines? 
No12 Fine Wines & Provisions General Manager Andrew Azzopardi,  and Jamie Horton founder & interior specialist of Harlequin London, discussed the uses of just three specialist glasses from the Saint-Louis Twist 1586 collection.  

Jamie Horton  introduced the collection  '"Presenting the Twist 1586 collection is a joy, put simply, and as an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to wine these glasses really do work." 

'These wine glasses are not just a beautiful collection, but more importantly functional' added Andrew. They combine the functionality of a sommeliers glass and the beauty of designer-cut crystal glasses. The Masterclass was held in the main tent of a the ACrew lounge in a relaxed and informal setting targeting all levels of captains, chief stewardesses & stewards and chefs .

Wine Tasting Masterclass

The tutorial also featured a beautiful modern if not controversial 'Sip of Gold' Tumblers, which Jamie explained would be perfect for chilled sparkling wines. These fantastic tumblers kept the wine temperature at the correct  temperature intended to drink at.
During the masterclass, we also tasted several fantastic wines:

  • 100% Albariño 2014 from the lovely Pazo de Señorans in Rias Baixas Spain - This was a lovely mouth watering introduction to the wines
  • 'Champs Royaux' Chablis 2011 by the famous producer William Fevre from Burgundy France- The mature Chablis was amazingly fresh, steely and with great aromas of gooseberry.
  • 'Goldeneye' Pinot Noir by Duckhorn vineyards in Anderson valley (USA) -  This wine was introduced by MR Brian Bostwick,  Sales & Marketing  director of Duckhorn wines -  This was a fantastic treat to all who attended. 
  • Faustino I Gran Reserva 2005 from Rioja, Spain -  The Faustino 2001 was awarded a slamming 92/100 by decanter magazine and the 2005 surely didn't disappoint the crowd