MYBA Show Genoa 2016
The MYBA Show Genoa 2016 report
For the third year running, No12 Fine Wines and Provisions was present at the MYBA Show in Genoa. 

Occupying stands 65 & 66,  No12 fine wines together with Whyte & Mckay quicky became the go-to stand for premium branded single malt whisky and Gin.

The team included  Andrew Azzopardi (General Manager), Charlotte Painter (Regional Executive Balearic Islands) and Christine Mercieca (Provisioning Sales Executive Malta)  

The stand was shared with the lovely Ruth from Superyacht Luxury offering luxury linens, towels and toiletries for yachts. 

Together with Mr Denis Wille from representing premium brand 'The Dalmore', 'Isle of Jura' and 'Filliers gin' the stand had a constant flow of super-yacht crew and captains requesting private personal tastings.  

For those who missed the tastings, below is a brief description of the whiskies:

Highland Single Malt
  • The Dalmore Valour - A bright and powerful whisky with beautiful aromas of citrus, dates and a chocolate-cocnut finish 
  • The Dalmore Cigar Malt Reserve - A whisky purposely blended to pair with the finest cigars. The Cigar Malt releases lovely flavour of cinnamon, orange, vanilla and sweet spices. paired with Havana Cohiba Siglo range is a match made in heaven  
  • The Dalmore Dominium- Travel retail exclusive Dominium is lusciously smooth. Reminded many of Christmas pudding, with flavours of dried fruits, raisins and vanilla.  The Sherry Oloroso cask really shines through
  • The Dalmore 'King Alexander III' -  This was the star of the show once again! This amazing whisky was expertly matured in wine, Madeira, Sherry, Marsala, Kentucky bourbon and Port casks. the flavours are complex and the finish is long.  The flavours include orange zest, barley and creamy chocolate & vanilla fudge. Citrus and tropical fruit and a sweet cinnamon and peppery finish

Isle of Jura
  • Turas Maras - The name, 'Turas-Mara', is Scots Gaelic for 'Long Journey', which is rather apt when it's being sold to yachts around the world- Fruity with dried fruit notes, sherry and vanilla finish
  • 16 Year Old Diurachs Own - A rich and Nutty whisky. initially mineral notes and green apples evolving into sweeter spices  and chocolate cream. 
  • Superstition - Made up of whiskies aged for 13 years and 21 years, with 13 percent heavily peated malt. Amazing flavours of vanilla, honey and sweet spice, chantilly cream and hot buttered toast. A harmonious combination of sweetness and smoke..
  • Prophecy - A very peated edition from Isle of Jura, Prophecy is made from a selection of old and rare Jura whiskies. Peaty, oily, dry and muscular. A great addition to your collection is you enjoy the smokey and peaty flavours.

Filliers Gin 28 - Originally created in 1928 by Firmin Filliers. Filliers Dry Gin 28 uses 28 botanicals in addition to juniper. It is a small batch gin created in copper stills. A dry and creamy gin with refreshing flavours of citrus and fresh coriander.

   DalmoreIsle of Jura
Superyacht Crew enjoying premium Whiskies and Gin

Filliers GinDalmore Tasting